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  • Darlene Aniebonam

Workout Vibes: Shoulder and Glute Exercises

Hey Lovebugs! Sorry It's been 2 weeks since we talked, I've been traveling and busy, but I'm back, and I'm here to bring you two videos today, since I missed you last week. The first is a shoulder workout, that focuses on two exercises I like to do on my upper body days; the overhead press and the plank with arm raise. You can add resistance to the plank with wrist weights for added difficulty. Be sure to use moderate to heavy weight for the overhead press, but don't sacrifice form, because that is the most important thing!

The second video houses a few exercises that help you gain rounder hips by working the gluteus medius muscle. Many women have concerns with "hip dips" - the illusion of indented hips. If that is one of your concerns, these exercises will help reverse that. You can add ankle weights or resistance bands to any of these exercises for added difficulty.

I hope you all have an awesome rest of the week!