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  • Darlene Aniebonam

Tasty Low Carb Spaghetti

Hey Beautiful People! I hope you are having a productive Monday. One thing I noticed I don't talk much about on the blog is food. Which is honestly pretty crazy because I literally LOVE food, and talk about it in my day to day life all the time (aka I'm obsessed with it). I enjoy cooking and prepping healthy, yet, tasty meals to eat throughout the week. I typically eat a balanced diet, full of protein, carbs and vegetables, while also allowing myself a cheat meal here and there. When it comes to carbs, I am very careful about the types of carbs I consume. I only eat complex carbohydrates, which are foods made up of sugar molecules that are strung together in long, complex chains. Complex carbohydrate foods provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are important to the health of an individual - they are not processed and are naturally occurring in our environment. Complex carbs are slow digesting, meaning they don't give our bodies a big spike in insulin when ingested like simple carbs or starches do. Complex carbs are found in foods such as whole grain foods, brown rice, quinoa, beans, vegetables and so on. When it comes to shedding fat, I typically limit the amount of carbs I am consuming, hence, I go on a low carb diet, implementing higher protein and higher healthy fats (omega 3s and 6s). Doing so helps my body transition to using fat as its energy source instead of glucose (aka carbohydrates).

I wanted to share one of my go-to low carb meals. This is spaghetti with vegetable noodles with a side salad. It is so quick and easy to make. Here's how to make it:

Buy packaged zucchini noodles

Add seasoning of choice ( black pepper, pink sea salt, oregano)

Stir fry in pan for 7 - 10 min


Buy Organic Lean Ground Turkey

Season (black pepper, pink sea salt, oregano, garlic powder)

Stir fry in pan and add vodka/marina sauce (I typically just eyeball the amount I'd like)

Cook for approx. 15 - 20 min

Salad Ingredients:



Almond Slivers

Olive oil vinaigrette dressing

Bon Appetite! Let me know if you all would like to see more low carb recipes like this!