Free At Home Workouts (to do during quarantine)

So you're probably getting in over your head about how to keep getting creative with your at home workouts. It can get a bit mundane doing the same workout all the time so it's nice to switch up your at home workouts. I like to keep workouts fun and different in order to stay excited to get up off the couch and get moving. In order to keep you interested in working out during quarantine, I've compiled a few free at home workouts that will keep you entertained all week!

Dance Cardio Workouts:

Dance cardio workouts are a fun way to get active and moving, and have so much fun while doing so! I love being able to combine freestyle dancing with choreography. These dance workouts are easy to follow and are great for the whole family to join in.

Lower Body Workout Using Household Items:

Working out at home doesn't have to be mundane. You can use common at household items as workout accessories. Such as a gallon of water as a weight, or a rag as a slider for lunges. Below is a real time at home workout that you can follow along.

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