15 Activities to Do At Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

15 Activities to Do At Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

15 at home activities to do during coronavirus quarantine
15 at home activities to do during coronavirus quarantine

So you're probably getting hella bored at home by this point. And we all know you still can't leave your house except for essential things, so we've got to get creative with activities we can do at home during this historical quarantine. So I've got you covered! Below are 15 things you can do with your time during quarantine:

1. Watch Netflix: Well this was an obvious one. Netflix is probably everyones best friend during this quarantine. With so many movies, tv shows and documentaries to watch, you'll be entertained for hours. Comment below what your favorite show or movie on Netflix is at the moment!

2. Read a Good Book: Now is a great time to sink your teeth into that book on your nightstand you've been meaning to read, but have been putting of because - LIFE. So light a candle, curl up, and take a journey into another world through a good story :)

3. Re-decorate Your Space: Maybe it's time to do that DIY shelf project, or re-organize your bedroom. You can create a new vibe and sense of comfort by moving things around and making your space more "home-y". It's proven science that when your space is comfortable and inspiring, you feel happier and more motivated.

4. Cook New Recipes: One thing we're already doing a lot of is eating, because we're home all day. So take the time to learn a few new recipes to try out - given that you're able to find all the ingredients you need, 'cause store shelves have been emptied due to the coronavirus panic buying situations. But I guess you can also use that as an excuse to get super creative.

5. Clean Out Your Closet: What better time to de-clutter our spaces! Take things out of your closet you never wear and consider donating them to Salvation Army or a friend you feel would get great use out of it.

6. Do an At Home Workout: Find some workouts online that you can follow. I personally like doing this at home workout.

7. Write a Book: Have you been sitting on a great idea for some time now? Consider putting those thoughts or stories down on paper. You now have time to create and use that imagination of yours.

8. Try Out a New Hairstyle: Master how to curl your hair, or do a French braid? Why not, we've got nothing but time.

9. Learn a New Skill: Ever want to learn how to sew, dance, or invest. There are lots of great videos on Youtube that teach you so many different things - just search :)

10. Learn a New Language: Personally I've always wanted to learn another language, to feel cool and be able to stand out and say I fluently speak another language lol. But in all seriousness, this is a great time to actually learn. There are a lot of apps out there, like this one, that helps you learn phrases and words in the language of your choosing.

11. Clean Your House: This should be a no-brainer. You're quarantined at your house so it's best that it's clean. Also cleanliness during a viral pandemic is of upmost importance. Duh.

12. Wash Your Hands: Yup. That's something to do (if you're not already doing it).

13. Learn a Tik Tok Dance: Well everyone's doing it, so you might as well ride the wave. And it's a great way to workout!

14. Start a Side Business: With many people out of work right now due to the coronavirus, it might be a good time to consider starting a business. Do you have a skill you're really good at? Or a passion that would be a great business? Consider creating a business plan from your quarantined couch.

15. Call an Old Friend: At this moment in history community is more important than anything. Reach out to an old friend you lost touch with, or to your siblings that live in a different state. Take this time to reconnect, build, and grow closer.

I hope this helped someone in any way. Quarantine is hard, especially if you're alone, but now is a beautiful time for growth, re-connection, and self-care. Stay healthy, stay safe, and spread the love.


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